2Sense tech history.

Who wants to bother about technology and related specs when the Music System looks great and you are being enveloped in silken sheets of your favourite music.

At 2Sense we really do bother. How else would we be able to give you the greatest visual and audio sound pleasure?
Progressive designs that reproduces sound so you can feel it and explore the qualities of music.

  • How will you do it?
  • Is that really possible?
  • Is that design?
  • Do you really believe that you can do all that yourselves?
  • Do you really believe that any speaker driver manufacturer will tailor make for you?
  • Develop your own amplifier and control technology – come on!
  • And make it sound great as well!
  • It won’t happen.

But despite all these dissuading comments – it did happen!

And here we are – 2Sense Speakers Music Systems are for real and available to you!

No compromise has been made with our design cabinets. We are using our own in-house developed FORMEL B material.

This material has allowed us to mould cabinets of the highest acoustical qualities, despite the unique shapes and designs.

In fact we don’t comprise anything:
Our moulds have been produced by a highly qualified and experienced Mould Maker / Mechanical Engineer. A team with more than 50 years’ experience – real specialists in this field.

The 2Sense speaker drivers have been tailor made to our cabinets, by the renowned driver manufacturer SEAS of Norway.
We place high demands on the finish of our cabinets, which is achieved through automotive lacquer thereby opening up a world of colour possibilities.

Our lacquer workshop has more than 30 years’ experience, and pay attention to every little detail of the finish – just as you would expect from the finish of your expensive car.

Our stands are produced from finish stainless steel, to achieve the sought after silver grey matte look. Laser/plasma cutters, lathes, TIG welding are some of the processes involved. Just before leaving the workshop the surface is gently brushed and polished.

We almost did compromise on the amplifier / control technology, by working with an OEM supplier from an established Danish speaker manufacturer.

Despite using slightly outdated components, the product was reasonable. However, after being taken over by a non-Danish corporation it was no longer possible to work with this OEM supplier.

Bit of a blow to the 2Sense productline, but also a bit of luck as the tuning of this OEM supply was only possible through proprietary software i.e. tuning to be made by the OEM manufacturer. Not a viable long term solution for 2Sense Speakers.

So back to the old drawing board.

To cut a long story a bit shorter:
We have developed our own amplifier / control technology with always fully updated components. In close cooperation with a highly respected Danish audio engineer.

Tuning and programming is likewise controlled by 2Sense. No outside interference – we have the full control over the system!

The 2Sense technology allows true 24 bit / 192 kHz HD audio.

With our in-house programming software, we tune our Music Systems to perfection as opposed to a potentially less than perfect OEM tuning.

Through several months, the 2Sense Music Systems were tuned to nearest possible level of perfection. In fact our tuning expert dreamt frequency sweeps for several weeks after the tuning sequence!

As a professional audio manufacturer the final test is very important. Our Music Systems have been subjected to very thorough tests for more than a year being on demo road trips across Denmark, as well as the UK in hot and cold weather. Unboxed, set up, reboxed countless times. Played endless hours of great music – high and low volume. At least 1.000 hours and just getting better and better.

We did make one compromise in the end.

Our Director of Development preferred our amplifier prints to be round, which makes it easier to assemble the speakers. Ideally he would have liked them in blue finish – even though nobody will ever see these print. He just is a perfectionist, and wanted the prints to be blue rather than the traditional green.

He won the small fight, and he ended up with the round prints as he wanted – but they stayed in the supplied color.

We are really proud to present the first 3 Music Systems – Pearls, Diamond and Cone.

Read on for more information on technology and specifications.

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