In 2014 2SenseSpeakers was founded by Brian Henrik Pedersen, Jørn Ole Nielsen and Dennis Elgaard.

The company was founded with one goal in mind.

We wanted to produce the perfect all-in-one music system. Not only for the high sound quality, but also to please the eye, through using creative designs, and eye popping colors.

2SenseSpeakers produces music systems, which takes a proud presence in the room – music systems which not only deliver great sound, but also look astonishingly good.

The colors are not just black and white, as our designs virtually demands a color presence as well.

In order to make these great designs, we went back to the drawing board.

With interesting design shapes in mind, we decided to start developing our own material.

The special composite material Formel B was born.

Formel B enabled us to achieve the design goals we had, while also maintaining the perfect acoustic performance we were chasing.

Great music brought to you!

På det danske marked, tilbyder vi nu at demonstrere vores musiksystemer hjemme hos dig.

Vi er meget bevidste om hvor vigtigt det er, at anlægget bliver prøvet af der hvor det skal bruges. På denne måde, kan du være helt sikker på hvordan anlægget spiller.

Vi medbringer ét eller flere komplette systemer, samt musikkilde til afspilning. Du er også velkommen til selv, at tilslutte dit eget udstyr som eks. pladeafspiller og lignende.

Det er gratis og uforpligtende – servicen er pt. kun tilgængelig i Danmark.

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2Sense WireConnect

The electronic side of the system consist of three main components. The speaker units, the controller for the system, and the amplifiers.

We call this 2Sense WireConnect.

The 2Sense name, has its origin in our biggest goal. Stimulating both the hearing, and visual sense while listening to music.

We wanted 2SenseSpeakers to take part in the long tradition in Denmark, of making great sounds systems.

We are proud to tell, that everything is assembled in Denmark, and the parts are made by handpicked local suppliers. The speaker drivers are special designed units, made by SEAS in Norway, which helps us giving you the ultimate listening experience.

When you buy a system from 2SenseSpeakers, you are not just buying another pair of speakers. You are buying one of the most flexible music systems on the market, that is entirely plug and play.

The system includes the active speakers, power supply, remote, cables, and probably the most important component, the 2Sense WireConnect Hub.
The Hub allows you to connect all your favorite input sources of music.

The Hub keeps up with 2Sense’s vision, of making high quality components, throughout the entire system. It is handmade, with some of the best electronic components we could find. It combines the Formel B material, with nice brushed steel on the bottom.

The Hub was designed with simplicity in mind. That is why, you only need one cable pr. speaker.
The cable both transfers power to the amplifier, and the music signal. This makes it easier to both set up and place the speaker where you want it to be.

The Hub is supplied with a handy little remote, which is used to control volume, and channel number. This information can be seen on the Hub display.

WireConnect music systems are completely digital

The 2Sense WireConnect Music System is a fully digital audio system; right from the inputs on the HUB to the amplifiers built into each speaker.

No matter what input is used on the HUB (see HUB technical specifications) it is up or down converted to a sample rate of 24 bits at 96KHz. This digital signal is then directly feed into the speaker, using the cables shipped with the system.

Once in the speaker, the signal will be upconverted to 24 bits at 192 KHz, to ensure optimal depth in the audio performance.

The SEAS drivers combined with the FORMEL B speaker cabinets then carefully transfer the digital signal to analogue audio caressing your ears for an exceptional music experience.

The “green” musicsystem

A 2Sense Audio System only use a total of 12,7 Watt in on mode, and can play music at low volume maintaining this low power level.

An increase in audio volume will increase the power consumption.

If the audio source stops or the volume is turned down to 0, the amplifiers in the speakers will shut down after 90 seconds, and the system power level will be 5,7 Watt.

The speakers will automatically turn on again as soon as the music starts again.

When the Audio System is turned off (Standby mode) on the remote control or on the ON / OFF button on the HUB itself, the power consumption will be below 0,5 Watt.

To reduce the power consumption to 0 the system must be turned off at the wall switch or disconnected completely.

The Power supply, with power to spare

The original power supply delivers 221 Watt to the audio system.
It delivers a peak of 298 Watt for short periods of time.

The Amplifier and it’s data

The Amplifier: Powerful yet power efficient

The 2Sense WireConnect Amplifier has 3 output options. It can function as 2, 3 or 4 channel setup.

The output mode is controlled by the on-board Analogue Device DSP (Digital Signal Processor). It can be programmed as required (by 2Sense engineers). The Analogue Device DSP allows ample programming and adjustment options whereby Amplifier, Speaker units and Acoustics can be optimized for maximum performance.

Even with the complex programmes required by the 2Sense Music Systems utilize only 12-14% of the DSP-

The Amplifier is mounted inside the Active 2Sense speaker and can only be mounted by 2Sense engineers.

Power output: (3 options):
4 channel: 4 X 45 Watt RMS.
3 channel: 1 X 90 Watt RMS og 2 X 45 Watt RMS
2 channel: 2 X 90 Watt RMS.
RMS power is constant and NOT peak power.
Frequency Range: 10 Hz -100 KHz
0,01 % distortion
24 bit 192 KHz
24 volt DC
WireConnect 24 bit 96 KHz

How the HUB works

Hub input sources can be selected via the supplied Remote Control which also adjusts volume.

Selections will be shown on the Hub display. Input sources C1-5 and Volume 0-70.

The role of the Hub is as a signal & power control station sending WireConnect audio signal and low voltage power to the 2Sense speakers.
Do not attempt to connect speakers other than 2Sense to the WireConnect Hub as they will not work.

The 2Sense speakers and the WireConnect Hub are built to work only with each other.

The PSU has been chosen specifically to work with the WireConnect Hub.

Do not ever connect another PSU, than the one supplied!

HUB input connectors

See bottom of Hub for an overview of input and output connections.

The HUB has 5 input connectors. We have carefully selected choice quality components.

1 x RCA connector for Coax: e.g. a streamer – Yamaha is a good choice but check with you dealer.

2 x Toslink connector for Optical: eg. TV, CD, Gaming Console

1 x Analogue connector with separate RCA right (red) & left (black). E.g. Turntable. RIAA required.

1 x USB connector: e.g. PC, Mac

The analogue input has to be converted to digital and also here we have selected choice components. With record players being more popular than ever, it would be a great choice to use the input for playing vinyls.

HUB data

(C 1 Coax) Orange RCA : 16 bit 44 KHz – 24 bit 192 KHz.
(C 2 Optisk 1) Toslink: 16 bit 44 KHz – 24 bit 48 KHz.
(C 3 Optisk 2) Toslink: 16 bit 44 KHZ – 24 bit 48 KHz.
(C 4 Analog) Red RCA right. Black RCA left. Turntable requires RIAA (check with you dealer).
(C 5 USB) USB: 16 bit 44 KHz – 24 bit 192 KHz.

WireConnect Output:

(WireConnect Output 1-2) XLR 4-pol: 24 bit 96 KHz.

Subwoofer 80 Hz filter. The connected WireConnect 2Sense speakers will remove signal below 80 Hz.

2Sense Hub

Included in the box.

2Sense Music Systems include 2 x Active Speakers, 1 x Control HUB, 1 x Remote Control, 2 x WireConnect cables, 1 x PSU (Power Supply Unit) incl. Mains Cable.
Pearls and Cone systems also include 2 x 2Sense Stands which are delivered in a separate box.

Diamond systems do not include a stand as we have designed Diamond to be a placed on a shelf or a low wall where available. But by popular demand we have designed a plate which will allow Diamond to be mounted on a Norstone S2 stand. (click for link to Norstone S2).

A good and solid stand which will be available from your audio dealer.

Pearls 414 – the Speaker to Immerse Yourself.

This speaker model reproduces the music silky smooth with a very precise width and depth perspective.

Input connector: WireConnect. XLR 4-pol
Cabinet: Our proprietary Formel B for maximum cabinet stiffness and elimination of standing waves.
Design: 3 balls (“Pearls”)
2 x SEAS 4” base / midrange units: Longstroke with aluminum membrane.
1 Stk. SEAS 1” tweeter with textile dome.
Power amplifier: Class D.
Power output RMS: 3 X 45 Watt. 45 Watt for each of the 3 driver units. 135 Watt in total.
RMS power is constant and NOT peak power.
Crossover filter: DSP (Digital signal processing) 3 KHz / 24 db.
Frequency response: 53 Hz – 25 KHz + / – 2 db.

Diamond 51 – the Allround speaker.

This speaker model reproduces music softly yet powerfully with a fixed width and depth perspective.

Input connector: WireConnect. XLR 4-pol.
Cabinet: Our proprietary FormelB for maximum cabinet stiffness and elimination of standing waves.
Design: Softly rounded with at least 100 facets.
1 x SEAS 5,25” base / midrange unit: Longstroke with aluminum membrane.
1 x SEAS 1” tweeter with textile dome.
Power amplifier: Class D.
Power output RMS: 1 X 90 Watt base / midrange unit and 1 X 45 Watt tweeter. 135 Watt in total.
RMS power is constant and NOT peak power.
Crossover filter: DSP (Digital Signal Processing) 2,8 KHz / 24 db
Frequency response: 46 Hz – 25 KHz + / – 2 db

Cone 65 – Lounge speaker

This speaker reproduces the audio in great detail with wide sound distribution.

Input connector: WireConncect. XLR 4-pol.
Cabinet: Our proprietary FormelB. Bottom: Cone shaped. Maximum stiffness and elimination of standing waves. Top (the “hat”), the lense which spreads the sound waves wider than 180 degrees.
Design: A Cone with a nice hat.
1 x SEAS Coaxial unit.
1 x 6,5 inc. base / midrange unit with 1 x 1” inbuilt center tweeter unit with textile dome.
Power amplifier: Class D.
Power output RMS: 1 X 90 Watt base / midrange unit and 1 x 45 Watt tweeter. 135 Watt in total.
RMS power is constant and NOT peak power.
Crossover filter: DSP (Digital signal processing) 2,5 KHz 24 db.
Frequency response: 45 Hz – 22 KHz + / – 2 db

2Sense Music-System