2Sense Diamond 51

The Allround Music System

In the world of audio, a lot of manufactures likes to use the words ‘diamond’ without any great reason.
They do not look like diamonds or any other minerals, and the sound can be discussed too. However, we at 2Sense, wanted to change that for the better, thus came the Diamond speaker into mind.

Since we have the in house developed Formel B, we could design a speaker that will serve full justice to the beautiful diamonds.

Our favorite colors, are inspired by minerals such as Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Pearl White etc. The speaker is available in any color you would like. Make the speakers blend in or have them to stand out in the crowd.

When a speaker is named ‘Diamond’, it should also live up to its name sound wise. And sure it does.

It has been fitted with two tailor made speaker units from SEAS. The built-in amplifier and DSP ensures that you will have the ‘Diamond rich’ listening experience.

The sound is very well balanced throughout the entire range, delivering crystal clear high notes, and deep powerful bass notes. The midrange is especially amazing, allowing you to perfectly reflect the beauty of diamond grade sound.

You only have to plug in your desired source, and then you are ready to enjoy endless hours of diamond grade music.

We believe, that is is one of the most flexible music systems out on the market. You will never need an update for anything, and if the source you are using will be outdated, it is easy to plug in a new one. Now that is a system, that will last for generations!

When buying a pair of 2SenseSpeakers, you do not just buy another pair of speakers. It is an entire music system, that has been designed to give you the best possible experience. Learn more about our philosophy.

All 2Sense Music Systems uses our WireConnect technology.

Delivered as complete systems with 2 Active Speakers, Control Hub, Remote Control, Power Supply and Cables the latter carrying audio signal as well as power from Control Hub to Speakers – one cable per speaker.

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The powerful Diamond

Aesthetic engaged to Acoustics – Robust as a Diamond

The system will never need updates – it truly lasts as long as a diamond!

Raw power and a precise and full sound meet in the Diamond Music System

The Speaker

Diamond: Active Speaker with WireConnect input

• 1 unit of SEAS 5,25” Bass/midrange
• 1 unit of SEAS 1” tweeter
• Connected to in-speaker amplifiers with power to spare
• In-built acoustical advantage via the spherical design
• The Faceted design is moulded in a complex tool
• Dimensions: H: 36 cm, B. 32 cm, D: 21 cm.
• We have designed a plate that fits the ”Norstone S2” stand
• The base-plate.. Our dealers have it

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Should you require, or are interested in a Bespoke colour for your speakers please contact  2Sense Speakers.

2Sense Hub

The HUB ”Control box with remote control” and WireConnect output

The HUB is the brain in the system. It takes your favorite input sources, and transfers them to the speakers via the included cables.

• Minimalistic design
• Easy operation with the included remote
• The display shows volume and input
• All typical sources can be connected
• 5 inputs
• Dimensions: H: 4,5 cm, B: 20 cm, D: 12 cm
• Weight: 2 kg
The hub itself is constructed in a matte black finish from Formel B, with a brushed steel bottom.