Magical Formulas

One of the cornerstones in 2SenseSpeakers is our in-house developed materials, that fulfills the requirements for speaker cabinets we are striving for.

We want to produce sustainable materials, that allows us to create any shape and design, while also having great acoustic performances.

The materials are made with a great portion of natural minerals and are also mixed with natural fibers. None of the materials requires heat for the molding process, making it a very energy efficient production, with almost zero CO2 pollution.

Over the years we have gone from almost putting our test site on fire, till now where we are working with highly skilled engineers within acoustics and molding production.

Our three materials are called Formel B, H and P, and all fulfill our requirements, while being suited for different needs. The materials are quite fire retardant, improving safety in the automotive and custom install industry.

Furthermore, our materials can be fine-tuned and mixed as liked, for endless customization possibilities.

Formel B

Is the first material we developed in 2005 striving for speakers with creative designs and amazing sound.

Formel B unites great acoustics with any imaginable design while allowing gorgeous looking surface finishes.

It is a heavy and solid material with great dampening properties.

Formel B is used to produce our designer Music Systems Pearls, Diamond and Cone.

Formel H

Is our plastic-reducing material aimed at sound systems within the automotive industry.

The material is very light weight while still being solid and dampening.

Formel H can be mixed with natural fibres resulting in improved sustainability.

Calculations show that up to 60 tons of plastic can be saved for just one single (high end) car model!

Formel P

Is used to produce high-quality speaker cabinets, for custom install solutions e.g. in walls and ceilings.

Fire safety, easy installing and great acoustics, are the keywords for this material.

The material can be customized to every possible kind of in-built speaker.

As a unique thing we can offer front mounted plates, making it faster and easier to install the speakers.

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