2Sense WireConnect Series: Pearls 414 Active Speakers

2Sense PEARLS 414 Wireconnect Active Speaker System

Spherical design and high-res detailed sound

The 2Sense Pearls 414 appeals to the two main senses; sound and vision!
Here you get high sound quality paired with a unique spherical speaker design.

Each 2Sense Pearls 414 Active speaker incorporates: 3 individually tailored amplifiers, each specifically calibrated and tuned to power the 3 custom SEAS speaker drivers, all encased in 2Sense FORMEL B high-density speaker housing.

The result is a a pin-point sound definition with a stunning low end response. Pearls 414 deliver a sound reproduction, as smooth as silk with an extraordinary detailed sound.

2Sense PEARLS 414 Wireconnect: for those looking for a unique spherical speaker design with pure hi-res sound definition and detail.

What is FORMEL B?
FORMEL B is a product specifically pioneered and produced by 2Sense for 2Sense Speakers housing.
FORMEL B offers a high-density speaker housing that delivers a stiff cabinet that both dampens and minimises resonance.
FORMEL B allows the speaker housing to be moulded in bespoke shapes while simultaneously retaining a high-density, delivering high res sound dynamics.

All 2Sense WireConnect Music Systems include:

  • 1 pair (right and left) of 2Sense (powered) Speakers with built-in amplifiers
  • 1 WireConnect Hub incl.  power cable for connecting the Hub to power supply
  • 2 Speaker cables for connecting speakers to the WireConnect Hub

Det perfekte kabinet [med den] perfekte lyd / Maler af lyd / Farverig er det nye Sorte / Mester maleren

Pearls’ design er inspireret af, at 2SENSE gerne ville lave det perfekte kabinet til akustik.
Pearls højtalerne kombinerer 3 skræddersyede SEAS Højttalerenheder, pakket ind i et unikt sfærisk design. Det sfæriske design er muligt med 2SENSE specielle Formel B.

Kombinationen af den manglende forplade og de små hurtige højtalerenheder giver pearls evnen til at male et fordydende og farverigt lydbillede for lytteren. Hver detalje i lyden bliver malet omkring ens øre, med en mestermalers præcision

Pearls højttalerne kommer i alle farver man kan ønske. Der kan dog også laves eget stensil design som kan sættes på, for at gøre dem endnu mere personlige.

Pearls 414 Active:

  • Input: WireConnect Digital Link
  • Speaker composition : 2 X 4 inch Bass/mid range (SEAS), 1 X 1 inch Tweeter (SEAS)
  • Amplifier: RMS power 100 watt
  • Amplifier type: Class-D
  • Crossover: DSP Analog device
  • Frequency response: 53 Hz – 25 Khz
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 530 x 200 x 170 mm

Mounting: On low or high stands
Stands: Brushed steel
Dimensions (low): Baseplate 200 X 15 mm, tube 130 X 51 mm
Dimensions: (high) Baseplate 250 X 20 mm, tube 600 X 51 mm

Finish (colour): Pearl White, Ice Blue, Lamborghini Orange, Racing green Stripe, Bordeaux, Grey, Racing Green, Midnight Blue, White, Black.


Should you require, or are interested in a Bespoke colour for your speakers please contact  2Sense Speakers.

2Sense WireConnect. High efficient amplifier-technology.
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  • 1 POWER 24 volt DC in (use only supplied power supply)
  • 1 ANALOGUE (2 x RCA, right/left)
  • 1 SUB OUT (80 HZ FIXED)