When a speaker makes you realize how good music can be, it is truly amazing

When we developed the Pearls speakers, our biggest goal was to make a perfect speaker, that could combine the great look of an astonishing cabinet, with perfect acoustic performance.

The magic of musical art are only a few steps away from you!

When buying a pair of 2SenseSpeakers, you do not just buy another pair of speakers.

It is an entire music system, that has been designed to give you the best possible experience. Learn more about our philosophy

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When design meets technology

Let the Pearl system surprise you, and hear details you have not heard before!

Endless music experiences – the system will never be outdated

Please your eyes with the smooth curves, and beautiful colors of the Pearl speaker

Unique and customizable

The curved and soft lines of the Pearls are sure to fit into every room. Bringing sight and sound together, giving a full music experience.

Blend into the surroundings or stand out from the crowd with an endless number of colours.

The speakers can be shipped in any desired color you would like, we do also offer custom solutions.


Should you require, or are interested in a Bespoke colour for your speakers please contact  2Sense Speakers.

The Pearls envelope you in the music with its immersive sound performance. Making you rediscover just how incredibly good music can be. Smooth and refined sound, true to the shape of the speaker.
Since we have full control over the music system, and do not have to worry about which amplifier etc. the consumer would connect to it, we individually fine tune every speaker set, to perform in the best possible way.
• 2 Units of SEAS 4” Bass/mid-range
• 1 unit of SEAS 1” tweeter
• Connected to in-speaker amplifiers with power to spare
• In-built acoustical advantage via the spherical design

2Sense Hub

The HUB ”Control box with remote control” and WireConnect output

The HUB is the brain in the system. It takes your favorite input sources, and transfers them to the speakers via the included cables.
The HUB is included with every system, and is mandatory to run the music systems.
• Minimalistic design
• Easy operation with the included remote
• The display shows volume and input
• All typical sources can be connected
• 5 inputs – Coax – RCA – Toslink – USB
The hub itself is constructed in a matte black finish from Formel B, with a brushed steel bottom.
• Dimensions: 54 cm X 20 cm Ø.
• Low (high) stand: 64 cm (114 cm)
• Speaker Weight: 9 kg. With low stand: 14 kg. High stand:18 kg.
Mounting: On low or high stands
Stands: Brushed steel
Dimensions (low): Baseplate 200 X 12 mm, tube 130 X 51 mm
Dimensions: (high) Baseplate 250 X 18 mm, tube 600 X 51 mm
• Dimensions: H: 4,5 cm, B: 20 cm, D: 12 cm
• Weight: 2 kg