2Sense Cone 65 System – High Stand

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2Sense Cone ”Lounge Music System”

An old saying about the people with the best music systems, is that they are lonely people in an empty room with just one chair. Sure, the music will sound great in that one spot.

But, what if you want to envelope an entire room, with your favorite tunes? Imagine a music system, where every place in the room is the optimal listening position? That is why we created the 2SenseSpeaker Cone system.

The speaker has design cues from steam horns and ice cream cones, and is made entirely from Formel B. At a first glance, you are not able to see the speaker unit itself. The speaker unit is ‘hidden’ and mounted horizontally at the top of the speaker. Above the unit, we have mounted a carefully designed acoustic lens, which ensures the sound to be spread 180 degrees. When spreading sound like this, it also becomes omnidirectional. An amazing acoustic feature, that makes it hard to tell where the music exactly is coming from. For a wide room, or lounge applications this is an ideal scenario, since there will be no hotspots, and no places where the music can not be heard, or sounds bad.

The speakers will be delivered on brushed steel stands, either high or low.
Please your ears with great music, while camouflaging the fact that you are listening to a speaker!

The unique look is available in any desired color. Make them stand out in the room, or have them blend in – your decision.

When buying a pair of 2SenseSpeakers, you do not just buy another pair of speakers. It is an entire music system, that has been designed to give you the best possible experience.

All 2Sense Music Systems uses our WireConnect technology.
Delivered as complete systems with 2 Active Speakers, Control Hub, Remote Control, Power Supply and Cables the latter carrying audio signal as well as power from Control Hub to Speakers – one cable per speaker.

With the complete Cone Music System you are only one good input source away from a great music experience.

2Sense Cone Music System: 2 x Cone Speakers, 2 x Stands, 1 x HUB, 2 x WireConnect Cables, 1 x Remote, 1 x PSU incl. Power Cable.

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The Speaker

Cone Active Speaker with WireConnect input

• 1 unit. Coax SEAS 6,5” Bass/Midrange with 1” center tweeter
• Connected to in-speaker amplifiers with power to spare
• Omnidirectional sound
• The waveguide spreads the sound 180 degrees
• Dimensions: 54 cm X 23 cm Ø.
• Low (high) stand: 64 cm (114 cm)
• Weight: 9 kg. With low (høj) stand: 14 kg. (18 kg.)

Mounting: On low or high stands Stands: Brushed steel
Dimensions (low): Baseplate 230 X 12 mm, tube 130 X 51 mm
Dimensions: (high) Baseplate 250 X 18 mm, tube 600 X 51 mm

Finish (colour): Gold, Diamond Black, Pearl White, Aubergine, Silver, Grey, Lamborghini Orange, Midnight Blue, Bronze, White.

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The HUB ”Control box with remote control” and WireConnect output

The HUB is the brain in the system. It takes your favorite input sources, and transfers them to the speakers via the included cables.

• Minimalistic design
• Easy operation with the included remote
• The display shows volume and input
• All typical sources can be connected
• 5 inputs
• Dimensions: H: 4,5 cm, B: 20 cm, D: 12 cm
• Weight: 2 kg
The hub itself is constructed in a matte black finish from Formel B, with a brushed steel bottom.


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Bordeaux, Bronze, Diamant Black, Gray, Lamborghini Orange, Midnight Blue, Pearl White, Silver, White


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