Built-in cabinets

At 2SenseSpeakers we have with the help of our unique self-developed material Formel H, managed to create built-in cabinets, that are easy to use and install while also enhancing the acoustics.

Our brand-new cabinets are made from a very lightweight material, which we have developed through many years of research. Our greatest focus has been raising the sound quality of built-in cabinets while keeping the weight significantly down. Making the cabinets very easy to handle and install.

The Cabinets are 1,5 cm in thickness, apart from around the speaker socket, which is 1 cm in thickness. For easy cable instalment a rubber gasket has been mounted in the side of the cabinet, simply poke a hole, and insert the cables.

6″ Cabinet Properties

Dimensions: 34x34x14,5 cm
Internal Volume: 10,57 L
Weight: 1135 g

8″ Cabinet Properties

Dimensions: 42x42x14,5 cm
Internal Volume: 17,50 L
Weight: 1540 g